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Portal pushing, online CA's, data storage and more...

Built for Brokers not Agents

As a business broker, you understand the importance of presenting your listings in the best possible light in order to attract potential buyers. More importantly, you now they are business listings and not residential listings. 

What we can do for you:

Try a brand new website, complete with easy to use content management, a blog, faq's, listing management, contact management, newsletter, SMS integration, email templates and so much more. Simply put no more hassle to manage your contacts, listings and website.

A Business Broker CMS that works

  • Create better SEO content from the site structure (urls) right through to listing output. 
  • Easy to manage and tweak the content (pages, articles-blog/s, forms, and more)
  • Easily create new content site wide and of course the automated content to make every page change as new items are added to the site.
  • Multiple form creation for lead capture with rules on that data for simplification of marketing
  • Access to all features promoted and used by major portals (your listings will appear in more advanced searches) and as the system is updated weekly and will always include these latest release items from the portals.
  • Push your listings to all portals suitable for your listing types
  • Easy to manage a listings media and life cycle
  • Ability to store and track documents relevant to an individual listing for off site retrieval and backups (data vault)
  • Automated weekly emails can be set to include listings / content required and auto deliver
  • Automatic listing alerts to suit individual contacts
  • Manage contact profile life cycle with many options for follow up
  • Easy export to CSV for direct mail merges
  • Duplicate contact control including on import
  • We do have a list of standard email templates to assist Brokers 
  • Online CA forms for ease of capturing new contact data

This is all done using our RealOnline CMS that we created here in Australia. Contact us to learn more today.

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