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What we do best, and what we can do for you.

Our expertise is in developing online solutions to meet a specific need, not just pretty websites. We support "web standards" and are constantly learning about new technologies that our industry requires.

What we can do for you:

We can re-design/refine your existing website: If your current website (or solution) is suffering from poor usability, is not being found in the search engines, has your staff complaining about old information, then you are in need of re-design. Using RealOnline with a new fresh approach to your website can dramatically improve your customers experience.

  • As your companies marketing changes over time, so too should this be reflected in your online solution. The RealOnline products enable you to seamlessly update your marketing message, without having to start all over again from scratch.
  • We recommend looking at your online image at least every 18 months, to evaluate if it requires refreshing (or to decide to leave it till later). Some of our earliest clients are now on their 3rd and 4th site refreshs, which reflect their updated marketing approaches.

We can provide a brand new online solution for you: We know that starting a new project can seem daunting, but we have plenty of experience to assist you in getting it right the first time. Due to the nature of RealOnline solutions features, enhancements and online tools can be rolled out within your time frame and your budget.

  • We firmly believe in taking little steps to get your end goals, giving you the time and feedback to choose the right direction forwards. This assists you in balancing budgets without overspending on development that your customers may not use initially.

How we do it:

Leveraging the core functionality of our home grown CMS we work with you to assess your immediate requirements, establish a working plan for completion and deliver.

  • The core functionality of RealOnline is maintained and updated in a constant evolving process keeping in touch with the changing online world.
  • To address the uniqueness of each solution, custom data requirements can be achieved within the heart of the RealOnline that are both part of the core and unique to your business.

Our team will assist you in getting what you want (and/or need) from your online solution.  Contact us to learn more today.




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