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"How much does a website cost?"

The most common question any web designer / developer gets is, "How much does a website cost?" and whilst its a fair question the answer is not so straight forward.

As one of our specialities is in Real Estate CMS related websites we often (once or twice a month) get this question "can you build me a site just like".  Bearing in mind that, that particular website has taken years to develop with millions upon millions of investment, marketing and the like. My usual sarcastic response is, do you want your site to look the same or just cost the same.

Ok that's a harsh example, but to better understand why, it helps to know what we need to find out to provide a quotation, like;

  • typically we need to know what is the purpose of your project
    • are we re-designing / developing your old site using similar / like content with new features
    • are you presenting a product / service
    • intending to sell online
    • assist with lead conversion
    • create new leads
    • etc...
  • must have/do items (enquiry forms, SMS integration, XML / RSS reeds etc...)
  • design style (simple, elegant, high end, state of the art)
  • e-commerce requirements
  • amount of copywriting
  • SEO considerations above what is built into our programs
  • to name a few...

Price can then be assessed and quoted based on your needs, and/or if it will work with one of our existing CMS projects (RealOnline) or if you need a completely custom solution.

That all being said ball parks for setup (not including ongoing/monthly fees) can be;
   REALONLINE - $4,000 + ($7,500 + for Real Estate sites)
   Custom Solution - $8,000 +

   "code-for-hire" and small custom apps are based on hourly rates of $90 - $165 + GST / hour (depending on the type of work and size of job)

We are a friendly bunch (if a little quirky) so do just drop us a line (email) via our Contact Us page and we can discuss your project and the best way to achieve your goals online.

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