What we do

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What we do best, and what we can do for you

Subtle Difference is a "Web Development" company. Our specialty is in the creation of online solutions to solve a need, not just pretty looking websites. We are advocates of "web standards" and in the constant learning of new technologies which our industry demands.

Specialties: PHP, XML, (x)HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, Javascript (inc. jQuery), SMS (online), and "most importantly" how to put this all together to "achieve the desired outcome".

Unless commissioned otherwise full site solutions are typically based around our core CMS/CRM product of RealOnline. This CMS covers no less than;

From time to time we are are able to do "code for hire" projects for other professionals such as XML data interpreters, front end development, mini projects and other items, please contact us for more information.

What we can do for you:

We can re-design/refine your existing website: If your current website (or solution) is suffering from poor usability, is not being found in the search engines, has your staff complaining about old information, then you are in need of re-design. Using RealOnline with a new fresh approach to your website can dramatically improve your customers experience.

We can provide a brand new online solution for you: We know that starting a new project can seem daunting, but we have plenty of experience to assist you in getting it right the first time. Due to the nature of RealOnline solutions features, enhancements and online tools can be rolled out within your time frame and your budget.

How we do it:

Leveraging the core functionality of our home grown CMS we work with you to assess your immediate requirements, establish a working plan for completion and deliver.

Our team will assist you in getting what you want (and/or need) from your online solution.  Contact us to learn more today.

We are here to assist to your online needs