The Social Share Generator: A Simple Tool to Boost Your Site's Engagement

So many of our clients, and websites all over want to boost traffic and engagement.

Making it easy for your visitors to share your content on social media is a perfect way to do this. That's why we came up with the Social Share Generator. It's this awesome, user-friendly tool that lets you make custom social share buttons for your site (like what you see floating on our website). Let's dive into what it's all about and how to use it.

So, what's the Social Share Generator?

  • It's a cool, easy-to-use tool to create custom social share buttons for your website.
  • Pick from different social media platforms, display modes, icon styles, and themes.
  • The generator gives you the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code you need to add the buttons to your site.

Why you'll love the Social Share Generator:

  • Lots of social media options: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, Email, SMS - you name it!
  • Two display modes: Inline (put the buttons anywhere) or fixed (they stay put, usually on the left side or at the footer).
  • Pick an icon style that fits your vibe: Font Awesome, Bootstrap Icons, Boxicons.
  • Default or custom themes: Match the buttons to your site's look.
  • Oh yeah and it's free to use.

How to use the Social Share Generator:

  1. Go to the Social Share Generator.
  2. Pick the social media platforms you want.
  3. Choose the display mode, icon style, and theme.
  4. Hit "Generate HTML" to get your button code.
  5. Copy the code and paste it into your site's HTML file.
  6. Add the icon style CSS file and the Social Share JavaScript file to your site.

Its free to use, and the source code for downloading is available on our GitHub

In a nutshell, the Social Share Generator is an amazing tool to help you create custom social share buttons for your site. Your visitors will have an easy time sharing your content on their fave social media, which means more engagement, traffic, and growth for you. Give the Social Share Generator a go and watch your site's social reach go through the roof!

We use this Social Share script on our website with the Boxicons and custom theme.

Try the Social Share Generator

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